Our Favorite Crochet Charities


Crocheters are a generous group. While much of our giving is done out of the goodness of our hearts, part of me believes that our “generosity” is an excuse for us to keep crocheting.

I’ve done some research on charitable organizations that are looking for crochet items and here are my top five.

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Organize Your Stash with our Printable Stash Cards!

Printable Stash Cards by Happily Hooked Magazine

One thing all crocheters have in common is our stashes. We all try to keep them organized and under control, but I’m betting that most of us have a pile or box or bag of yarn tucked away somewhere that hasn’t been put away yet. Guilty? I am. Well, I’ve got the solution for you! We’ve created these printable Stash Cards to help you stay organized.

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Reading Crochet Graphs


One of my favorite things to create are tapestry crochet pieces. You can find patterns all over the internet. Many of these are published as graphs – so all you need to know is how to read them! Once you know how, even cross-stitch and perler bead patterns can be used to create your crochet art!

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