Our Favorite Crochet Charities


Crocheters are a generous group. While much of our giving is done out of the goodness of our hearts, part of me believes that our “generosity” is an excuse for us to keep crocheting.

I’ve done some research on charitable organizations that are looking for crochet items and here are my top five.

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Interview with Leslie Dyer DeHart, creator of Hooking Hope

Hooking Hope Yarnbomb for Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, and it was my absolute pleasure to sit down and talk with Leslie Dyer DeHart, creator of Hooking Hope, a yarn bomb that will be installed at Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center in Norman, Oklahoma.
When she came up with the idea for Hooking Hope, she’d already changed my life with her down-home wisdom, her willingness to work hard, her drive to bring beauty into the world, and her firm belief in the goodness of people.
Please join me in getting to know Leslie, and understanding her dream for Hooking Hope.

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