Sneak Peek: Issue 27 – Summer Vacation

27 sneak peek

The first day of Summer is June 20th! Will you get more crochet time now that summer is here? We’re prepared, dedicating the entire June issue to the joy and freedom of the summer months, and my absolute favorite pattern in our Summer Vacation June issue is Lee Sartori’s “Summer Mix Tape Pillow.”

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Hooked On… Lace!

Hooked on Lace

We can’t get enough lace! Our June version of The Pattern Pack was all about light and lacy patterns just perfect for summer crocheting! We’ve rounded up six more openwork patterns to share with you.

What will you make?

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June Pattern Pack – Light & Lacy


As June begins and temperatures rise, working on heavy, dense crochet projects becomes intolerable. We pull out the lighter weight yarn and move on to airier patterns, creating beautiful lace and open work pieces that are easier to deal with in the heat. June’s Pattern Pack is the perfect answer to the summer heat waves.

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Our Favorite Crochet Charities


Crocheters are a generous group. While much of our giving is done out of the goodness of our hearts, part of me believes that our “generosity” is an excuse for us to keep crocheting.

I’ve done some research on charitable organizations that are looking for crochet items and here are my top five.

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Big Boy Blanket – #2 Sports!

BBB Banner - Sports

We hope you enjoyed the first pattern of our Big Boy Blanket! If you missed it, you can find it here. Our second square of the Big Boy Blanket is something that my 16-year-old still loves: sports! From basketball to football to soccer, boys have a fascination with throwing, kicking, hitting, and bouncing balls of…

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Sneak Peek – June’s Pattern Pack


We’ve been all about the Lace and Openwork here at Happily Hooked lately. With team members all across the nation, we’ve shared the excitement as spring has turned to summer, as kids have begun to prepare for vacation, and as the excitement for lacework has spread.

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Organize Your Stash with our Printable Stash Cards!

Printable Stash Cards by Happily Hooked Magazine

One thing all crocheters have in common is our stashes. We all try to keep them organized and under control, but I’m betting that most of us have a pile or box or bag of yarn tucked away somewhere that hasn’t been put away yet. Guilty? I am. Well, I’ve got the solution for you! We’ve created these printable Stash Cards to help you stay organized.

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Happily Hooked Features Lace & Openwork in Issue 26!

Issue 26 Banner

Issue 25 is ready and it’s a doozy! I don’t do a lot of lace or open work, but this issue has inspired me to give it a try! With 9 original patterns, plus two Roundups, there are tons of options!

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Big Boy Blanket – #1 Rocket

BBB Banner - Rocket

Happily Hooked is very pleased to introduce the 24-Week Big Boy Blanket!

This blanket will be made up of twelve 12″ squares, each themed with something that boys love. We’ll be releasing a new pattern every 2 weeks.

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Reading Crochet Graphs


One of my favorite things to create are tapestry crochet pieces. You can find patterns all over the internet. Many of these are published as graphs – so all you need to know is how to read them! Once you know how, even cross-stitch and perler bead patterns can be used to create your crochet art!

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